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2001-11 Ph.D. in Archaeology, with highest distinction (Mention très honorable)

University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, ArScAn-UMR 7041. Weaving tools, analysis and experimentations. The Aegean World in European context. dir. R. Treuil, tutor P. Anderson

2000 DEA, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Aegean Protohistory R. Treuil (tutor), with Highest Honors.
1999 Master, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, European Protohistory P. Brun (tutor), with Highest Honors.
1998 Licence– European & Aegean Protohistory  – Mention très bien.
1994-97 1st Cycle of École du Louvre– specialities: Medieval period in Europe, European Protohistory and option to Néolithitic in Henan’ province (China).
1993-94 Estienne National Superior School of Arts and Graphic Industries (specializing in copper engraving, binding).
1991-1993 In parallel of the high school, academic training at the Villa Thiole (Nice), awarded in Concours General drawing competition

Research Grants

2007 →Fellowship French School of Athens (Fieldwork in Crete)

2005 →Fellowship French School of Athens (Fieldwork in Santorini)

2000 → Student Fellow University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Complementary training

2010 Training for analysis of the work of bone materials Stigos under the direction of M. Christensen (University Paris1 – UMR 7041).
2009 Training at use-wear analysis under the coordination of Sylvie Beyries (CEPAM- UMR 7164).


Drawings of archaeological artifacts and restitutions. Stratigraphic plans, PAO-DAO/Adobe.

2018 Explanatory drawings and scientific texts for a children’s comic on Neolithic
Comic on the prehistoric period combining classic comic strips (realistic life scenes from the Upper Paleolithic “Jabron”
2017-2015 Scientific drawings and texts for the new panels of the exhibition halls for the museum of Saint Raphaël (Var)
2012-2015 Member of excavations’ project programmed on the site of the “Prés de Laure” in Comps-sur-Artuby (France, 83) as draughtswoman, photographer and responsible for the media realization for artistic distribution of results to the public. Exhibitions at museums of Quinson (04), Monaco, Draguignan (83)…
2014 Explanatory drawings and scientific texts for a children’s comic on Mesolithic life in site of Font-Aux-Pigeons (near Martigues, France): Le grand abri (ISBN-10: 2915097291)
2007 -2013 Museums of Quinson and Nice-Cimiez, archaeological Service of Nice (06) and of Fréjus(83): Drawings of artefacts, panels and restitution, posters for the European Heritage Days.
2010- 2011 Ras-Shama-Ugarit (Syria), dir. Valérie Matoïan (Archéorient): realization of the logo, drawings of artefacts from the museums of Damascus and Lathakié and restitution.
1999-2017 Drawings of artefacts, plans, surveys land for INRAP, CNRS, and archaeological Service of Seine Saint Denis, Local Authorities (Bourges, Evreux, Bobigny, Nice…)

Management and inventory of archaeological collections

2011-2013→ Creation and maintenance of the PaléoSYR ANR database – coordinated by F. Braemer (CEPAM) et B. Geyer (MOM Archéorient).

2007-2013 (Several fixed-term contracts): Engineer at CEPAM (UMR 7264): Management of collections.

Study of archaeological artifacts

2000-2016 → Study of textiles’ tools and textiles in France in Archaeological Service of Chartres, of Bobigny (Seine Saint Denis), for the INRAP in different cities. In Italia in University of Pisa, in Travo(Emilia), in Pompéiwith Centre Camille Julian under the direction of P. Borgard. InAkrotiri (Santorini) and in Archaeological Service of Wallonia (Belgium).

Research and university education

Membership of Fibbers and Perishables Interest Group (Society for American Archeology).

Membership of GDR 2517 (2009-2014) « Interdisciplinary looks at old and pre-industrial agricultural activities and techniques », directed by Patricia Anderson (CEPAM).

Several field missions : Malia (Crète), dir. P. Darques (2007) ; Ras Shamra-Ougarit (Syrie), dir. Valérie Matoïan (2010-2011) ; Korçe et Kalamas, dir. G. Touchais & C. Oberweiller (depuis 2005);

Co-organization and publication of a session at the 79th annual Symposium of the American Archaeology Society in Austin, Texas, 23-27 April 2014: Contrasting Patterns of Collecting, Treatment and Use of Stems and Fiber for Crafts in Hunter-Gatherer versus Horticultural and Agropastoral Groups (in press).

Co-Organization and publication of the Acts of the XXXth International Symposium of Archaeology and History of Antibes (2013) with P. Anderson (CEPAM), and A. Durand (CReAAH): Regard croisés sur les outils liés au travail des végétaux. An interdisciplinary focus on plant working tools.Antibes Fort Carré.

Fouilles archéologiques et missions de terrain

Participation in numerous field operations in France (Seine Saint Denis, Normandy, Var, Maritime Alps…) and abroad (Greece, Italy, Albania…) between 2004 and 2015. All relevant periods (Prehistory, Protohistory, Antiquity) – programmed and preventive contexts.


Drawing, photography. Any type of artistic production (modeling, oil painting, tempera, watercolour, pastel, etc.). Models.

Computer skills

Very good knowledge of Pack Office (Word, Access, Power Point, Excel) and Adobe CS Suite (Illustrator,  Photoshop, InDesign…).

Good notions for Filemaker Pro, EndNote, WordPress,ArcGIS,


English (read, written, spoken) / Italian (read, written) / Spanish (read, written) /Greek (smatter)

Special skills

Very good knowledge of the textile chaîne opératoire from retting to weaving,

Practice of archery (Longbow).

Scientific output

Associate Researcher CEPAM – UMR 7264 GRENES

11 papers (peer-review journals and book chapters), 1 book edition, 8 communications in international symposiums, 8 contributions in fieldwork reports.

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